– Tuesday Trenton The Brand –


Unique and interactive, Tuesday Trenton products can grow with your babies needs while being durable, eco friendly and incredibly easy to clean. Our colour-in products are a great activity to share with siblings, parents relatives or even the baby sitter!
The Tuesday Trenton original fabrics are hand drawn and printed on a Linen Cotton fabric blend that softens and brightens with increased washing and are incredibly durable.

Handmade and hand drawn unique designs
Durable comfortable fabrics
Ecofriendly natural fibres
Machine washable
Water resistant backing
Colour-in to customise (both permanent and reusable available)

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– The Creator –


Being a new mum with a baby who had incredibly sensitive skin, my little man spent lots of time naked to clear up his nappy rash. I wanted a playmat that was bigger than many of the commercially available alternatives, that could be machine washed, was fast drying and water resistant to catch any mess.

I designed my mats made from natural fibres and to be usable for many years. As an added perk, if it could keep me entertained on those days when just watching my baby (do nothing) for hours at a time wasn’t cutting it! The bold black and white patterns are perfect for mesmerising little adapting newborn eyes, and for toddlers or parents to colour in with the washable or permanent markers! I

I’m all about things being easier when it comes to mumming so I incorporated loops for mobile arches and a drawstring around the edge to make packing up something that takes seconds.