All Tuesday Trenton items are handmade so you may notice small chalk marks here and there. These will wash straight out of the fabric on the first wash.


Playmat’s are made from a cotton linen blend, I have pre washed all the fabric to avoid any shrinkage however to keep ink pigments as vibrant as possible I recommend you
machine wash in cold water.
The internal wadding is synthetic and if ironed gets compacted an irreversibly ‘crispy’ there are many benefits to synthetic wadding however ironing isn’t one of them.
It’s lightweight, voluminous, does not shrink when washed, fast-drying, has good thermal properties, is non-allergenic, springs back to shape no matter how many times it’s washed,
is very durable, machine washable and can be tumble dried on a warm heat

Colouring in your Tuesday Trenton Originals

There are two types of markers I sell with the playmat.


These markers will stay on the mat though washes however will fade over time in direct sunlight and continued washing. It is important to make sure the playmat is DRY before
colouring or the ink will bleed through the fabric.
Other fabric markers work and have been tested however I have found the Crayola set to be the most affordable, best colours and safest to use around kids.


These markers should wash straight out following the above directions (or packet directions) this allows your little ones to join in on the colouring action again and again no matter where you are.
I selected the round tipped markers so little ones can be as rough as they like with minimal damage to the markers.
Get creative and ENJOY!!!


Most of the bib packs are made with natural fibre fabrics with the exception of some of the luxe pack products. The best method to wash these items is to pop them into a delicates bag
and wash on a cold cycle.
Do not tumble dry or iron over synthetic fabrics or plastic clasps, as they will melt.
Placing items in direct sun will cause colours to fade over time, but this can be a handy method to use for a few hours to help the fabric markers to set in the fabric longer.